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Learn English January 31th 2009 Session 1 (Favorite)

These sentences was taken from It would be better if you read "the article" first to fully understand.

A couple of weeks back I was sent these questions as part of an interview that someone wanted to do in the writing of a book.

a couple of weeks back = beberapa minggu lalu
comment: jika anda ingin menceritakan kejadian yang lalu, anda bisa menggunakan kata "a couple of week back" or "a couple week ago"

was sent = dikirim
comment: using word "was" instead of "am", because menceritakan masa lalu (past tense)

In the end the person doing the interview couldn’t use it - so I’ve decided that rather than waste the significant time I put into responding that I’d post the answers here.

in the end = pada akhirnya (kt.sambung)
Comment: kata ini sering dipakai, yang berhubungan dengan sebab akibat

I've decided that rather than - waste the significant time = saya telah memutuskan hal itu - daripada - membuang waktu yang berharga

rather than = lebih memilih [pertama] daripada [kedua]
example: I would like to blog 1 post per day - rather than - make many posting at once

I put into responding = saya memutuskan untuk menanggapi

put into = bertindak/ikut terlibat

The focus of the interview seemed to be going down the route of getting ‘fast traffic’ to a blog.

seemed to be going down the route = kelihatannya akan menuruni rute

seem = (kk/kki) kelihatannya

You’ll see this theme coming up numerous times in the questions and probably sense a little of my frustration with the idea in my answers.

this theme coming up numerous times in the questions = tema ini sudah beberapa kali muncul dalam pertanyaan

coming up = muncul

numerous times = beberapa kali

Please introduce yourself to our readers…

introduce yourself = memperkenalkan diri

introduce = (kkt) memperkenalkan

I live in Melbourne Australia with my wife

live = tinggal/bertempat tinggal

I’ve been blogging for a little over 6 years

have been blogging = have + been + verb+ing
comment: menceritakan kejadian masa lalu yang sampai sekarang masih dilakukan

It started completely as a hobby but gradually grew into a part time and then full time job (and then beyond)

gradually = (kk) secara bertahap

grew into = berkembang menjadi

grew (past) dari kata "grow" artinya (kkt/kki) tumbuh/berkembang

I’m also a keen photographer and love to read.

a keen photographer = tukang foto yang rajin

keen = (ks) rajin/teliti

What blogs do you own, which one is your favorite, and why did you start it?

what blogs do you own = berapa blog yang anda miliki

own = (kkt/ks) memiliki

my most recent blog - a blog focusing upon Twitter Tips).

upon = pada

I enjoy each blog for different reasons but I guess if I had to give up two and keep one the one I’d keep would be ProBlogger

give up = menyerah

comment: maksud dari kalimat diatas: "jika saya harus menyerah pada yang dua dan mempertahankan satu blog, saya akan memilih problogger"

I started ProBlogger simply because it was a blog I wanted to read myself

I wanted to read myself = saya ingin membacanya sendiri

read myself = baca sendiri

I was experimenting with making blogging a business but no one else was writing about that at the time - so I thought I’d start it and journal what I was learning.

no one else = tidak ada orang lagi

at the time = pada waktu itu
comment: menceritakan tentang suatu waktu "di waktu itu"

what is the number one thing you learned about blogging that has impacted your bottom line, that thing that makes the difference between succeeding and failing in this business?

the number one thing = [thing/sesuatu] sesuatu/hal yang menjadi nomor satu

has impacted your bottom line = yang telah membawa pengaruh yang besar terhadap fondasi anda

impact = tubrukan/pengaruh besar

bottom line = fondasi

There are so many things and to isolate one is difficult (and perhaps not that helpful as great blogs are built upon many factors and rarely just one thing).

and perhaps not - that helpful = dan mungkin tidak membantu

as great blogs = menjadi blog yang besar

are built upon many factors = dibangun dari banyak faktor

rarely just one thing = jarang hanya satu hal

rarely = (kk) jarang

Blogs need to meet a need or solve a problem that potential readers have

need to = butuh untuk

meet a need = menemukan kebutuhan

that potential readers have = yang dipunyai oleh pembaca potensial

My strategy has always been to write content that people will want to read now - but also for years to come.

for years to come = beberapa tahun yang akan datang
comment: patut anda hafalkan kata-kata ini, untuk mengungkapkan sesuatu masa mendatang

It might not bring traffic quickly but if you write something that is still relevant in a year or more you’ll continue to draw traffic to it.

in a year or more = dalam setahun atau lebih

draw traffic = mendatangkan traffic/pengunjung

draw = (kk) mendatangkan
comment: "draw" has many meaning, but in this context "draw" is "mendatangkan" in bahasa

Take a long term view, build something that matters and you’ll build a blog that grows in traffic over the long haul.

take a long term view = ambil sudut pandang jangka panjang

matter = (kki) berarti

the long haul = tangkapan yang panjang

This in turn can lead to ongoing income.

ongoing income = pendapatan yang terus menerus

ongoing = (ks) terus menerus

displaying subscription methods prominently...

prominently = (kk) secara mencolok

You have to start from scratch as a “nobody”. What will you do then for the next 30 days...

from scratch = mulai dari awal

I’m not sure it’ll make 1000 visitors a day within 30 days the way I’d do it but...

within = dalam
comment: "within" biasanya berhubungan dengan angka

Do this and they’ll pass on word of your blog to others for you and in the long haul you’ll see bigger growth.

pass on word of your blog to other = membicarakan blog anda dengan lainnya

pass on word = membicarakan/memberitahu

bigger growth = pertumbuhan besar

growth = (kb) pertumbuhan
comment: jangan dicampur aduk dengan kata "grow". Karena memiliki arti yang berbeda


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